• About Us

    BE: Leather Lab...Handcrafted

    BE: Leather Lab was formed in mid 2016 as a home-based studio workshop. Its foundation is based on crafting handmade leather products using carefully selected quality leathers, top-grade tools and specialised materials. In this pursuit, it is critical that our products are priced for the quality and workmanship. We avoid the unnecessary cost of frills that are associated with the popular mass-produced product.


    Our leather craft workshops were conducted in a cozy and relaxed home environment with the objectives to develop craftsmanship and to create awareness of the quality of leathers. The art of craftsmanship is in the downward spiral because of automation and mass production. We want to provide a platform for handmade crafts to be revived.


    By mid 2017, Be: Leather Lab has evolved into a studio workshop hub that centres on creating variety of hand crafted bespoke products led by home grown artisans. Their passion in the details of crafting is apparent in the conduct of every workshop.


    With the studio, BE: Leather Lab has created another platform of creativity. It is ideal for larger group size sessions, corporate team bonding workshops, private events, corporate gifts and the creation of many more bespoke workshops.


    As we grow, it is critical that we sustain the principles and objectives that were laid in the formative year.


    'In Hides We Trust'


    Our Designs

    Inspired by you.

    Our Materials

    Only selected quality leathers and tools of the trade.

    Our Love for Leathers

    No branding, just leathers.

  • Email for enquiries and booking. More info on our Facebook and Instagram.

  • May Workshops


    Sign up for our limited workshops:


    1. Leather crafting

    2. Pottery



    Workshops by appointment only.

    Workshop fee apply.

  • Our new collection of lifestyle product, handcrafted from Italian Yankee leather is now available at Urban Define Marina Square and Orchard Gateway. Experience the distinct difference in quality leather. Each sold and priced separately.

  • Sign up in a group of 4, for our comprehensive 2 to 3 hours leather craft workshop:


    1. Leather appreciation

    2. Fundamentals of quality stitching

    3. Edge slicking

    4. Manual embossing



    We are available for discussion for request and other arrangement.

    $45 promotion workshop fee apply. Valid till September 2018.

  • We conduct comprehensive leather craft

    and pottery workshop.


    Leather craft workshop includes; leather appreciation, fundamentals of quality stitching, edge slicking and manual embossing.


    Pottery workshop includes: comprehensive pottery workshop that includes; clay preparation, centering, shaping, coloured glazing and firing.

    Usual $60 workshop fee apply.

  • Quick Craft Workshop &

    Corporate Gift Ideas (Limited Time)

    Can only spare for 1-hour? The Quick Craft is just for you. Each participant will take home their crafts:

    1. Key Hugger 
    2. Key Bag
    3. Compact Card Holder
    4. Petite Bag
    5. Triangular Coin Pouch (not in picture)
    Fee for Quick Craft workshop starting from $22 per participant. Minimum 2 pax to maximum 36. Contact us for discussion and enquiry.

    Handmade gifts crafted from full-grain leather. Take your pick:

    1. Key Hugger
    2. Compact Card Holder
    3. Key Bag
    4. Petite Bag
    5. Triangular Coin Pouch
    Minimum order of 40 pieces and priced from $4 per piece. Limited bulk order is available. Due to the nature of handmade gifts, we could only produce limited production so as not to compromise on quality. Contact us for discussion and enquiry.

  • BE:LeatherLab and Gazelle91 

    Under one roof at Gemini@Sims


    BE:LeatherLab, from a craft hobbyist to a home based workshop and a partnership with Gazelle91.


    Our services:

    -Larger group for leather craft workshop, up to 30 participants

    -More choices of quality leather

    -Leather products from homegrown brands and overseas

    -Pottery workshop

    -Ukulele making workshop

    -Variety of artisan workshop

    -And more...

  • Associate

  • Personalised Corporate Gift

    Place your company logo on genuine leather keychain for your corporate event. Email us for enquiries and quotation.

  • Corporate Event

    For That Personalised Touch

    Emboss To Personalised The Genuine Leather Product

    Emboss it and make it meaningful

    Personalised Key Ring

    Personalised and Priceless

    Personalised Bookmark

    Personalised and Unique

    Pyrography To Personalised The Genuine Leather Product

    Pyrography and Creativity

    Pyrographed Key Ring

    Creativity Is The Essence In Pyrography

  • Corporate Team Bonding

    Key Point Indicators...the STAFF

    Talented and Motivated Staff

    Through The Process and The Final Product

    Single slot card holder with buttoned cover

  • Leathercraft Workshop

    For Individual, Group or Corporate

    Key Holder

    Content: Punch, Rivet, Finish & Slick

    1 piece key holder.

    Craft on pre-cut leather piece

    Workshop fee from $25 for 1hr


    2-slots Cardholder

    Content: Cut, Mark, Punch, Stitch, Finish & Slick

    Craft on pre-cut leather piece

    Workshop fee from $60 for 2 hours

    Single Slot Cardholder with Button Flap

    Content: Cut, Mark, Punch, Stitch, Button Set, Finish & Slick

    Craft on cut leather piece

    Workshop fee from $60 for 2 hours

    Passport Holder

    Content: Cut, Mark, Punch, Stitch, Finish & Slick​

    Workshop fee from $120 for 3 to 4 hours



    Watch Strap

    Content:​ Outline, Cut, Punch, Stitch, Skiving, Finish & Slick

    (end product exclude buckle set)

    Workshop fee from $140 for 3 to 4 hours

    Key Pouch

    Content: Outline, Cut, Punch, Stitch, Button, Rivet, Finish & Slick

    Workshop fee from $120 for 3 to 4 hours


    Money Clip Wallet

    Content: Cut, Punch, Stitch, Creasing, Finish and Slick

    Craft on pre-cut leather piece

    Workshop fee from $120 for 3 to 4 hours


    Bifold Wallet

    Content: Cut, Punch, Stitch, Creasing, Finish and Slick

    Craft on pre-cut leather piece

    Workshop fee from $160 for 6 to 8 hours


    Corporate Team Bonding Workshop

    Content: Punch, Rivet, Finish & Slick

    Corporate Objective: Knowing the Individual, Understanding Common Goal and Commitment to Quality

    Team crafting on pre-cut and actual cut leather pieces, utilising given resources and employing individual and group skills.

    Workshop fee for 2 to 3 hours, from $45 per pax. For 4 to 30 pax.


    Request for quotation for customised team bonding activities.

    Hot Brass Embossing (up to 8 letters)

    Content: Text Arrangement &

    Hot Embossing

    Pay additional $12 for personalisation on your craft

  • Customisation, Personalisation or

    In-house Designed Leather Product


    Have leather will create...


    Personalised wallet from $160.

    Key Holder

    Personalised pre-set key holder from $22.





    Clutch Bag

    Limited colours personalised clutch bag with inner separator. From $160.



    Watch Strap (exclude buckle)

    Variety of colour and

    classic design from $88.


  • Contact Us

    Do reach out to us. You + Us = Awesome.

    Gemini @ Sims
    2 Sims Close #06-06 Singapore 387298
    Wednesday to Sunday. 10 am to 8 pm. Closed on Monday & Tuesday. Public Holiday operational by appointment. All workshop by appointment only.
    +65 96159469